What Is the state committee?

The Republican State Committee is the 80 member body that makes up the Massachusetts Republican Party. They are directly responsible for the success and/or failure of Republicans across the state. With just 29 elected Republicans out of 200 legislative seats, it’s clear that the Republican State Committee is failing.

There are 40 State Senate districts across Massachusetts, and each district elects 1 male and 1 female to the State Committee every 4 years in the presidential primary. The next elections to State Committee occur on March 5th, 2024.

Members of the State Committee have a number of basic roles & responsibilities. Among them include the following:

  • Organize Republican Town Committees (RTCs).

  • Recruit candidates at every level. (Local, State, and Federal)

  • Attend State Committee meetings and vote on agenda items.

  • Attend RTC meetings and provide guidance on how to grow.

  • Fundraising for Town Committees and the MassGOP.

A good candidate for State Committee is typically a private citizen involved at the local level and can make decisions independent from state politics. State employees cannot fundraise for local Town Committees, nor can they fundraise statewide for the Party. In addition to these constraints, government employees typically come with conflicts of interest. This is because the goals of their government jobs often conflict with a robust political landscape.

The incumbent member of the State Committee currently serves two masters. One as a State Representative that collects a taxpayer salary of $127,000/year, and another as a State Committee member that is supposed to recruit new candidates (which would run against him). As a result of these conflicts, Massachusetts Republicans (like you and me) are being sabotaged by our own party leaders, who have decided to protect their own healthy government salaries instead of grow the Party.

Today, the Republican State Committee couldn’t be more dysfunctional:

  • Over half of RTCs across the Commonwealth are unorganized.


  • 70% of all elections in Massachusetts go uncontested.


  • The State Committee meetings have been boycotted to prevent any official business from happening.


  • State Committee members are completely absent from local RTC meetings.


  • There is no training or recruiting for local candidates.


  • Fundraising for the MassGOP has fallen off substantially.

Massachusetts has become a political cesspool not due the success of the Democrat Party, but due to the failures and self-sabotage within the Republican Party.

My ask is for you to consider electing two new members to the Republican State Committee. We have 1 opportunity over the next 4 years to change the direction of Massachusetts, and that starts with changing the direction of the Republican Party.

After you vote in the presidential primary on March 5th 2024, vote for two new members to the Republican State Committee.


                  Jim Davidson, Candidate for State Committee